Nationale-Nederlanden benefits from its new, innovative and easy to manage website

Thanks to Magnolia and the experts at Efigence, the new website of Nationale-Nederlanden represents the company in the best way and provides optimal results.







Sitio web


Boosting web traffic and optimizing digital presence

Nationale-Nederlanden, an insurance services company with over 170 years of history, had been active in 18 countries, including a strong presence in Japan and several European countries.

As one of the leading insurance players on the market, its new Polish website had to keep the standards of an innovative brand from its sector and live up to the needs of today’s clients. They also wanted to increase the web traffic, make the new site smooth and user friendly and encourage customers to use the service via mobile.


El desafío

Presenting the highest standards for the modern insurance industry

The insurance and banking industry has digitally developed at an incredible pace over the years. The creators of the new website had to implement a new modern online environment which would meet the needs of today’s customers who are used to having every service at their fingertips.

The project’s challenging goals were to increase web traffic, present the company’s offer in the most optimal way, and provide mobile-friendly solutions. Plus, everything had to be made in line with the company’s profile and brand guidelines.

Nationale Nederlanden and Magnolia CMS

La solución

An intuitive, functional portal, with a user-friendly interface, adapted to meet the demands of online users

Changing the interface to be more intuitive, has vastly improved portal visibility. Magnolia facilitated the presentation and content management of both mobile and desktop versions, and now information about services and products are easy to find.

The new portal presents information about distribution channels and gives different contact opportunities on the Nationale-Nederlanden customer line, including requests to contact the selected agent call centers and branches. 

Nationale Nederlanden and Magnolia CMS

El resultado

Nationale Nederlanden and Magnolia CMS

An increase in mobile traffic and the quickest desktop loading times on the Polish insurance market

The website now achieves excellent loading times on desktop for the most important subpages. The mobile version is also well adapted and responsive.

  • A 37% increase in average time on page
  • A 43% increase in mobile usage
  • A 53% increase in traffic from organic search
  • A 16% increase in the number of leads
Our new corporate portal is easy to manage and develop, which allows us to focus on strategic issues without worrying about technological limitations. Thanks to Magnolia, is fast and up to date. The numbers say it all and we are looking forward with excitement for further development of our website and digital strategy.
Paulina Sygnatowicz

Paulina Sygnatowicz

UX Design and Content Marketing Expert, Nationale-Nederlanden

More leads from the site, nearly twice the number of mobile users and much longer Time on Page – we achieved all that thanks to a combination of the client’s work and understanding, Magnolia’s solutions, our designers and developers. Furthermore, users can easily find all the necessary information served in an optimal and attractive way.
Marek Lesiak

Marek Lesiak

President and CTO, Efigence


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