Magnolia boosted Groupe Mutuel’s digital transformation

How Groupe Mutuel is now able to offer a better digital experience by having used Magnolia to redesign its website and improve the flexibility of its content.


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Efficient and fast: the insurer's main challenge was to translate this online

Groupe Mutuel is one of the largest personal and health insurers in Switzerland. 1.3 million persons are insured with Groupe Mutuel and its subsidiaries, and 23,000 companies rely on Groupe Mutuel for their insurance. The company is committed to digital innovation to help its employees manage vast amounts of data and documents in order to meet customer needs.

Magnolia has provided Groupe Mutuel with the ability to develop a new website and publish relevant content for its audiences, which include both prospects and existing customers. With this centralized solution, the marketing team has achieved new levels of efficiency and the company’s web traffic has increased significantly.

Groupe Mutuel's Magnolia Experience

How Groupe Mutuel was able to offer a better digital experience by using Magnolia to redesign its website and improve its content flexibility.

Groupe Mutuel's Magnolia Experience

How Groupe Mutuel was able to offer a better digital experience by using Magnolia to redesign its website and improve its content flexibility.

The Challenge

CMS: the legacy that was holding Groupe Mutuel back

Groupe Mutuel realized that its existing CMS couldn't keep up with the content flexibility required by its marketing team. The company knew it needed to update its technology to allow content authors to create content several times a day, and for multiple sites, without putting a burden on its IT team.

Groupe Mutuel also wanted a CMS that met its IT requirements and would enable the company to redesign its website with developer-friendly tools. Since Groupe Mutuel’s website showcases the company, it is crucial that customers are able to quickly and easily access the information they need. Therefore it had to be a smooth mobile-friendly experience.

The Solution

Greater content flexibility and a more dynamic website

Groupe Mutuel chose to collaborate with Tinext to implement Magnolia according to internal deadlines. Magnolia's architecture and connectors enabled Groupe Mutuel to adjust to the marketing tools the company needed and create workflows that streamlined content creation.

The solution also offers seamless integration with the company’s other services such as a premium calculator, a chatbot, as well as a client platform that allows customers to manage their contracts and transactions with Groupe Mutuel. The platform is also available as a free mobile application. Magnolia’s agnostic approach allowed Groupe Mutuel’s developers to choose Node.js for its frontend. Additional light development tools made it even easier for developers to work efficiently within a modern development environment.

The collaboration with Tinext...

...was critical to the success of the CMS implementation. Tinext was able to help the company get started while staying within the security constraints required by the insurance industry. The companies cooperated well because they set up a project committee with members from both companies, and had a Tinext project manager on-site at Groupe Mutuel for the implementation.

Greater output

In addition, Groupe Mutuel’s marketing team can now produce more content for various websites and market segments with streamlined workflows and one central content hub. Customers are now able to easily find the information they need using frequently asked question pages, a chatbot, frequently published blog posts and much more. With Groupe Mutuel’s new Magnolia implementation, the company is now in a position to integrate additional tools and technologies that will further the company’s commitment to its policyholders.

The Result

A better digital experience for new and existing customers

Tinext and Groupe Mutuel met the budget and time constraints to deliver the implementation successfully. The feedback that Groupe Mutuel received from website visitors through its customer services' team was very positive. This goes to show that the new website is definitely bringing increased value to its audiences.

Data collected at the beginning of 2019 showed that there had been over 500,000 visits in the first months of 2018, just after Magnolia had completed the redesign and implementation of the new website. 

In terms of the final result of the project, it was exactly what we expected. From the customers’ point of view, I think there was really added value because we received feedback, particularly through customer services, which showed us that customers were happy with the result.
Novella Bellonia

Novella Bellonia

Head of Digital Marketing, Groupe Mutuel

La naturaleza flexible de Magnolia hace que resulte ideal para Sainsbury's y nos permite escalar nuestros esfuerzos durante épocas de picos de ventas y periodos de gran actividad, como Navidad y el Black Friday. Desde la implementación del nuevo CMS, hemos apreciado mejoras en prácticamente todas las métricas, desde la velocidad de publicación hasta el rendimiento de las páginas. Magnolia ha mejorado nuestra experiencia digital y ha reducido nuestros costes. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?
Lydie Lecrivain

Lydie Lecrivain

Business Development Manager, Tinext

Gracias a Magnolia, hemos podido incrementar nuestra velocidad de creación, gestión y lanzamiento de contenido digital. Nuestros autores se han beneficiado con una reducción del tiempo de creación de contenido y de la capacidad de responder a los clientes de forma casi instantánea durante eventos pico. Esto nos permite adoptar un enfoque ágil que proporciona a nuestros equipos un mayor control sobre su contenido y, finalmente, ofrecer una mejor experiencia digital para los clientes.
Christophe Rodriguez

Christophe Rodriguez

IT Architect, Groupe Mutuel


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