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Brilliant relaunch: Aurubis chooses Magnolia CMS for its websites.

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Aurubis is one of the world's leading suppliers of nonferrous metals, as well as one of the largest copper recyclers. The MDAX-listed company has production sites in Europe and the USA and an extensive global distribution network. For Aurubis, this translates into the need to have a strong online presence in different countries, and that's exactly what the company's new website should provide. The goal: a brilliant website relaunch.

The challenge

Integration of all sites and subsidiaries into a single platform with extensive functionalities

The relaunch of the corporate and subsidiary websites is intended to make Aurubis' web presence fresh, modern and dynamic. But to ensure that the websites are presented consistently in all relevant markets and, at the same time, easy to manage, the relaunch involved the selection of a content management system into which all of the subsidiaries' websites could be merged. The new CMS also also had to offer state-of-the-art functionality.

As an internationally operating company, Aurubis needed a content management system that could facilitate the management of the group and subsidiary websites in different languages. In addition, it should be possible to manage all websites via just one system, so multisite management capability was key. In addition, the CMS should be able to manage different roles and rights for content managers in order to meet the security requirements of Aurubis and its subsidiaries. A light development approach should also enable the websites to be easily and quickly adapted to future customer experience needs. And last but not least, the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) deployment should allow for smooth upgrades. Overall, Aurubis had an extensive catalog of requirements and it chose Magnolia's CMS after an intensive selection process.

Magnolia offered the best capabilities for Aurubis, such as the ability to cater for different markets and countries and to serve content internationally. Magnolia's digital experience platform, used in a hybrid headless approach, also convinced with transparent costs for hosting and licensing. Aurubis was able to rely on the local Magnolia Gold Partner dev5310 in Hamburg for the relaunch and further evolution of the project. Thanks to the selected agile approach, the tight schedule set by Aurubis could be met. 

The solution

Relaunch with Magnolia PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)

The relaunch of Aurubis' corporate, regional and subsidiary websites was carried out on Magnolia's PaaS solution, an enterprise-grade, fully managed cloud platform to build and deploy digital experiences with Magnolia. Fast and flexible deployment, efficient operations and tight security are just some ot its benefits. With hosting operations being handled by Magnolia, Aurubis can focus fully on creating great digital experiences for its customers. 

Central features

For the relaunch of the various websites, Magnolia offers a modular architecture with various components that can be flexibly adapted to new requirements as needed. This applies both to functionality used to manage the individual websites and to the user experience and user interface of the digital experience platform itself. Magnolia comes with a WYSIWYG editor which enables business users to easily manage and edit the web pages. In addition, the platform supports editors with integrated multi-language management feature to create website content in different languages with just a few clicks.

Assets App, Pages App and additional integrations

Magnolia enables Aurubis to manage assets centrally from the CMS and thus keep the content of the websites (such as images, documents, etc.) consistent and up-to-date. A specially developed Pages app is also available for managing investor relations topics and can also be used, for example, to easily create and enhance Event pages with details.

The integration of scripts for the career website, cookie management and financial data complete Magnolia's capabilities for Aurubis. In 2023, a CRM system is planned to be integrated into Magnolia's hybrid headless CMS, thus evolving in the direction of a DXP.

The result

Stable, secure and flexible content management

Magnolia provides Aurubis with a central platform for the entire content management of is various corporate, regional and subsidiary websites. Being a company that stands for reliability itself, it was important to Aurubis not only to use a system that brings flexibility and speed, but also one that guarantees stability. Magnolia can fulfill all of these requirements: Thanks to its customizable workflows, Magnolia ensures new content and experiences are checked several times before going live. Through its light development features, Magnolia also supports the rapid implementation of new requirements. Last but not least, Magnolia offers the required security in content management through flexible distribution of rights and roles.






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