Magnolia CMS – Simple Open Source Content Management

Magnolia CMS is the best choice for mission-critical Open Source content management solutions. Its intuitive authoring interface makes complex websites simple to manage.

Optimize marketing, sales and services in a multi-channel and multi-device world, and maximize the impact of every touchpoint.

The widely adopted and standards-based Java architecture facilitates the implementation of custom functionality and the integration of Magnolia CMS into your IT environment. 

Good Value for Your Money

Magnolia CMS is based on an Open Source business model that minimizes sales efforts and costs without sacrificing quality and reliability where it matters. A shortened sales cycle allows the allocation of more resources for engineering by the vendor.

Unlimited Support

Magnolia CMS is professionally supported by its vendor Magnolia International Ltd. The vendor makes sure that commercial installations of Magnolia CMS are set up and configured professionally. It is also available to help with ongoing issues and to ensure a high availability website.

Certified Stack and Migration Path

Magnolia CMS works smoothly on widely used combinations of hardware and software that have undergone thorough testing prior to a new software release. Data can be migrated between the versions of Magnolia CMS and migration tools are always available with each release.

Licensing Choice

Magnolia Enterprise Edition is licensed through the Magnolia Network Agreement (MNA), a flexible license that grants businesses access to the source code and waives certain restrictive license requirements attached to the GPL’ed Magnolia Community Edition.

Selected Features

Core CMS Functionality Magnolia CMS includes instant inline editing, a browser-based user interface, human readable web addresses, integrated document management, role-based user management, full-text search, multilingual user interface, versioning, workflow, and more.
Smartphone Simplicity Magnolia's sleek touch-inspired interface lets you work naturally on a desktop PC or a touch device like an iPad. A context-sensitive action bar automatically highlights available actions, which you can access with keyboard shortcuts or swipe gestures.
Apps Apps are focused tools that perform specific tasks such as editing pages. Magnolia comes with a variety of useful Apps, such as the Pages App, the Contacts App and the Assets App, and also provides a framework to create custom Apps.
The Pulse The Pulse provides a stream of real-time notifications and alerts, filtered and sorted for you. Collaborate with others and keep tabs on what's relevant to your channels' audiences.
Favorites Favorites allows users to easily create shortcuts to their most common tasks and organize them into groups. Since an action can be added multiple times, it can even be used to organize work into a to-do list.
User Generated Content (UGC) Magnolia features various social-collaboration tools like a forum, commenting and public user registration. Such user-generated content can be clustered between multiple servers for maximum scalability.
Digital Asset Management Image, audio and video files can be included on any web page created with Magnolia directly from its pluggable Digital Asset Management (DAM) environment. Features include automatic image resizing & cropping, meta-data management, image gallery, etc.
Best-Practice Templating Kit Magnolia’s comprehensive, production-ready website construction kit provides „templating best practice“. Its building blocks cover an extensive set of ready-made functionality and use-cases. The kit significantly reduces the time, risk and effort to build your web site while maintaining complete freedom in functionality and design.
Accessibility The Magnolia Templating Kit follows the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2) as well as Germany’s BITV.
Search Engine Optimization Magnolia CMS follows the web’s best practice standards regarding search engine optimization. It generates clean HTML content structures and friendly URLs and allows you to easily manage marketing short-cuts and meta-data.
Enterprise IT Integration Magnolia utilizes the Java platform and provides many powerful modules that integrate frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Stripes or Wicket to facilitate custom application integration. Additionally, Magnolia supports JAAS (a Java standard for user authentication and authorization). This enables you to leverage user management infrastructure based on LDAP or AD or to provide Single Sign-on.
Scalability Magnolia’s distributed publishing architecture allows your site to scale. When publishing to multiple public servers, transactional activation ensures the integrity of the published content. Magnolia’s caching API enables you to define high-performance caching strategies specific to your site.



Manage content in the intuitive editor's area.
Ready-made elements such as teaser, news, event, etc.
Pixel-precise home page with front-end editing.
Enable and manage User Generated Content (UGC).


Magnolia Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition of Magnolia includes professional support from the vendor for mission-critical portals. This edition ships with advanced enterprise functionality and the source code is accessible.

What's in it?

  • Advanced content management features
  • Full vendor support
  • Guarantees and indemnification
  • Flexible business license with access to source code

If your business relies on Magnolia, register and download this edition.

Magnolia Community Edition

The Community Edition of Magnolia is available for download at no cost. Its Open Source license provides the freedom to anyone to modify the source code and run the program for any purpose.

What's in it?

  • Commodity CMS functionality
  • Unsupported software project
  • No warranty
  • Reciprocal Open Source license (GPL)

To try out Magnolia yourself, download this edition.

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After working with Vignette for two years, we decided to switch from their CMS software to Magnolia.»

Sean McMains, Texas State University


Having a single system with such a refined workflow will dramatically reduce the cost, time and man-hours needed to bring our content to the web.»

Augusto Chollet, Head of Multimedia of RTSI


Something I really liked is the ability to publish the same content on different websites. From a programming point of view, we also like very much the openness and flexibility Magnolia gives to us. So we may easily integrate other Java- based applications into Magnolia.»

Gilles Ducret, Lloyds Bank TSB plc.