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Ready to install Magnolia CMS? Get the Enterprise Edition if your business requires features and support beyond the scope of the free Community Edition.

Enterprise or Community Edition?

1) Enterprise Edition - Free 30 Day Trial

Magnolia CMS Enterprise Edition is the best choice to build mission-critical portals. Register for your free 30-day trial.

2) Community Edition - Free to Use

Magnolia CMS Community Edition is free to download. We just require a few details from you.

Enterprise Edition

Magnolia Enterprise Edition is the best choice to build mission-critical portals. Its easy-to-use authoring interface makes complex websites simple to manage, while its flexible software architecture makes it possible to implement custom functionality.

It allows the author to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website and includes professional support available when needed.

Magnolia Enterprise Edition increases the value of enterprise web initiatives and reduces the total cost of ownership.

  • Includes long term maintenance releases
  • Includes installer
  • Advanced enterprise features
  • Best choice for mission-critical portals
  • Free 30 days trial
  • Access to Magnolia Evaluation Center
  • Visible Source (Magnolia Network Agreement)

Community Edition

Magnolia Community Edition is a free, easy-to-use powerful Enterprise Content Management system.

It is available under an Open Source license, the GPL version 3. Magnolia Community Edition includes an AJAX-powered intuitive web-browser interface, a clear Java programming API and a useful custom tag library for easy templating in JSP and Servlets. It can use any JSR-283 compliant content repository.

  • Maintenance releases for latest version only
  • Requires some experience with command line
  • Basic Content Management functionality
  • Limited to one single subscriber
  • Free for unlimited use
  • Supported by the community
  • Open Source (GPL v.3)

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