Monogo is a european company with global presence which specialize in analysis, development and systems integration. Our software house began in 2007 to help businesses in Poland to improve their eCommerce solutions. Today we help companies from all over the world to implement best in class CMS, PIM and eCommerce solutions. Monogo has expertise in building complex websites for brands that need scale. We are offering high-quality implementations and ongoing support. 

Our offering includes: 
- Business analysis 
- Technical analysis 
- Magnolia CMS Implementations,
- PIM Implementations,
- eCommerce Implementations
- Integration between systems such as: OMS, WMS, ERP, eCommerce, Marketplace, BI, CMS, PIM 
- Custom build features to fulfill customers needs
- Automation tests 
- Support 24/7/365 
- Replatforming