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We know that superior customer experiences and faster time-to-market are how you outperform your competition. With the Magnolia 6 CMS, you’ll deliver on both.


What’s new?

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Revamped user interface

Our refreshed UI leaves ample room for integrating data from additional applications, giving you a truly effective and intelligent content hub.

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Contextual search

Magnolia’s AI-powered contextual search learns from your behavior and brings in relevant suggestions in real time.

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Automated tagging

Our advanced image recognition automatically detects and tags assets, making it easier to find the right asset when you need it.

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Faster content modeling

New content types allow your editors to enter content into the system – even before your website is ready.

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Improved UI framework

Simplified app mechanics and less custom code enable smoother, quicker implementation.

One workflow, all
your applications

To deliver great customer experiences, you need great workflows for your marketers. We’re committed to enabling seamless and meaningful interoperability across our CMS and any tool you connect.

More than meets the eye

As well as turning up the power inside, we’ve made the new Magnolia a lot more elegant on the outside. That translates to usability improvements so you can move from initial idea to first iteration in a fraction of the time you’re used to.

A marketing powerhouse

Discover the powerful new ways Magnolia 6 will help you speed up, and over-deliver.

Individualize customer experiences in real time

Magnolia 6 makes it possible to combine explicit and implicit personalization so you can individualize content and experiences according to visitors’ profiles and intent.

Power personalization with machine learning

With machine learning providing relevant topics for your customer segments, you can personalize your content more effectively. Magnolia 6 also lets you bring in content from other sources or external systems, organize your assets with smart tagging, and find what you’re looking for with AI-powered search.

Launch targeted campaigns at the pace of business

Magnolia’s campaign manager lets you easily create, manage, automatically schedule, and reuse entire campaigns. Automatic asset optimization makes sure you deliver the perfect experience on any channel or device.

As fast as you can think

There’s no point in speed just for the sake of it... Magnolia 6 works fast in the background, so you’re more focused in the foreground.

Work in parallel

When you let your marketers and developers work in parallel, you get your products online a lot faster. Magnolia 6 introduces groundbreaking content creation, templating and efficient coding practices which can all run in parallel.

Configure your experiences

Magnolia 6's content types let you set up a marketing content pool lightning fast. With a pool of automatically tagged content, you can serve personalized experiences at maximum speed.

Find all your content

With the revolutionary Find bar in Magnolia 6, your marketers can search for content across multiple apps and multiple sources. Big organization that creates tons of content? No problem. The Find bar lets you weed through hundreds of thousands of articles in no time – you'll find just what you need in seconds.

See for yourself

Let’s talk you through some of the significant improvements in Magnolia 6.

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