Speaker biography

Lluís Altés

Digital Enterprise Show (DES) and Digital Expert

Lluís Altés offers a fresh and provocative perspective on the opportunities and challenges that organizations are facing today. His presentation combine the analysis of the role of people in the digital age, with the study of the role of innovation and technology in the creation of new business models, new value chains and new digital economies that enable economic and social sustainability of the companies.

Inspiring leader, convinced that the best way to continue learning is to share knowledge. Expert in modern leadership, business development, marketing and technological trends, with a strong strategic orientation and the achievement of objectives.

Altés has held management positions in large companies and start-ups in: textile, food, technology and telecommunications.

Lluís is a recognized entrepreneur with endless curiosity and a polyglot lecturer on issues related to how digital transformation is connecting business and technology; and the fundamental role of talent, people and innovation in the current revolution.

Altés leads DES Digital Enterprise Show, inspires many people in 12 annual presentations, is an independent advisor, collaborator of business schools and various media, as well as mentor of several start-ups.