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United Kingdom

Leading online watersports equipment retailer

King of Watersports is the UK’s largest online watersports retailer and the world’s largest kitesurf provider. The company stocks a huge range of equipment from market-leading brands across all sports, specialising in kitesurfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and kayaking, as well as a variety of wetsuits.

As more and more people turn to healthy, outdoor and adventurous lifestyles, King of Watersports needed to broaden its reach and range to consolidate its position as a market leader and, with that, deliver a market-leading shopping experience.

The Challenge

The time and effort of curating exceptional experiences

King of Watersports started as a small business offering wetsuits and kite-surfing equipment and as demand grew, so did the range; expanding into more and more varieties of watersports equipment. What started out as a simple merchandising operation on a couple of categories, became a huge pull on the whole marketing function as they wrestled with a greater need for content, imagery, trading and promotions. The site metrics were demonstrating more browsers and fewer conversions, but the site was not fully optimised to attract a greater share of voice.

With growth aspirations clearly pointing towards reach, in terms of more geographical regions, a more effective business model was required, that supported a greater customer experience but efficiencies internally on delivery.

The Solution

An effective content and commerce mashup

User-friendly design

With a small team, King of Watersports needed an approach to manage the increasing number of assets, the number of potential landing pages and campaigns focused around seasonal peaks and product launches.

Magnolia CMS supported this with its easy-to-use design hub that helped the company’s marketers visualise pages by channel, device, campaign start date and soon its extending locales. With seamless integration, all the assets can be curated together and published as if in one system. 

Magnolia also supported efficiency through effective content architecture, making sure that where possible, content reuse was applied, reducing the preview page templated approach that was causing heavy duplication of content editing.

Intuitive discovery

King of Watersports was also aware, through web analytics, of a need to improve SEO performance, as well as on-site search and navigation. With a growing interest in the watersports category, it became critical to support both the discovery of King of Watersports as well as relevant products and supporting content. 

By bringing together both content and commerce, delivering strong navigation and focusing on more efficient forms of site optimisation, Magnolia and Commercekit together drove huge increases in site traffic, time on-site and page ranking.

Customer feedback has been extremely positive around the new design, which makes it much easier to navigate the extended ranges and understand more about each product category.

Relevant digital experiences

As a brand with a global and diverse customer base, King of Watersports needed a website that could dynamically support different contexts.

With it’s easy to use multi-site features and rich personalisation capabilities, Magnolia has given King of Watersports the ability to personalise content by destination, adjusting currencies, language and on-site content for a more tailored user experience. These personalised features have made the entire sales process much quicker and easier for both King of Watersports’ staff and its customers.

The Result

A solution that grows with the business

Since the deployment of both Magnolia CMS and Commercekit by Konstructive, King of Watersports has seen huge increases (55%) in site traffic and with that a 14% increase in the amount of time customers are spending browsing the site. With the increased demand, both revenues and average order value have increased and yet the underlying business model hasn’t had to increase with it.

The watersports industry is very visual, so we needed a unique way of showcasing our equipment in use in beautiful locations. With Magnolia, we can pull all of our imagery together in one place and build and preview colourful pages that we know our customers will enjoy. It is really quick and extremely easy to use and our teams can now effectively monitor and maintain all of our web pages within the one platform.
Charlie Kernan

Charlie Kernan

MD, King of Watersports

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