The new Toggolino Club with Magnolia makes learning fun for children

Super RTL, one of Germany’s most popular TV channels, relaunched its Toggolino Club educational portal with Magnolia and increased mobile use of the site to over 50%


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An appealing and responsive design that increases mobile use

Toggolino Club, the leading German educational portal for pre-school children, was completely redesigned by Neofonie. The site now has an appealing and modern design, offers over 100 games, and works responsively on desktop as well as tablet and smartphone.

The Java-based enterprise CMS Magnolia CORE (now known as Magnolia On-Premises) was implemented on the back-end. On the one hand, it offers stability and performance, while on the other hand, it gives editors flexibility and ease of use. Since the relaunch, mobile use of the site has increased steadily to over 50%.


A complete redesign to create a responsive interactive site

Toggolino Club is an educational and learning platform from Super RTL. Over 100 games introduce pre-school children in a playful way to subjects like maths and writing. The website also provides parents with information about the Toggolino Club and the pre-school program Toggolino from Super RTL.

To be visually more attractive and technically state-of-the-art, the entire portal needed to be redesigned and developed. The portal had to be accessible on all devices and the club also needed to function offline. Super RTL needed a new CMS to maintain and manage the comprehensive multimedia content.


Fun and games, regardless of browser and device

To meet the growing demands of the mobile age, Super RTL worked with Magnolia partner Neofonie to create a completely new and flexible technical infrastructure for Toggolino Club.

Following the relaunch, the Toggolino Club games work on desktop as well as responsively on tablets and smartphones. The core of the new portal is a HTML5 structure, which replaces numerous Flash-based functions. In addition, many new HTML5 games complement what was previously offered. For tablet and smartphone use, custom apps for iOS and Android were created, allowing children to keep the fun and games going, even in offline mode.

Performance and flexibility

The Java-based enterprise CMS Magnolia CORE (now known as Magnolia On-Premises) was implemented on the back-end, which significantly increased the stability and performance of Toggolino Club. At the same time, the new platform gave Toggolino’s editors more flexibility to create new content.


Online and offline fun across channels

Thanks to Magnolia and the new HTML5 structure, it’s now easy to extend the offers on and Toggolino Club. Through the Toggolino Club members’ area, children get access to numerous games and entertainment programs - on all platforms. The fact that the games are available both online and offline has also been a factor in increasing loyalty and engagement. As a result, mobile use of the site has increased steadily to over 50%.


Thanks to the new CMS and the HTML5 structure, we are able to easily expand and maintain what Toggolino Club has to offer. Now we can give our users even better games, more entertainment and fun - on all platforms.