Selecta creates even more agile processes with the help of Magnolia

How Europe's leading route-based unattended self-service coffee and convenience food provider operates even more efficiently thanks to Magnolia.



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Enabling national marketing teams the flexibility they need

Headquartered in Switzerland since 1957, Selecta is Europe’s leading route-based unattended self-service provider. With 10,000 employees spanning 16 countries, Selecta serves more than 10 million consumers a day on average through its 476,000 points of sale across Europe. Selecta’s route-based operations have been recognised with multiple industry awards.

After implementing Magnolia CMS, Selecta was able to provide marketing teams across 16 countries, more flexibility in handling multi-language content. Also, marketing teams responsible for acquired brands (such as Pelican Rouge) were empowered to manage content consistently and easily.


The Challenge


Different markets come with different needs

As each Selecta market has varying marketing needs, the coffee and convenience food provider needed a system that could deliver a degree of flexibility required to deal with both the simplest tasks for some territories and more complex ones for others. Selecta’s support, maintenance and development services partner, Arishi,works to build on the capabilities of the current toolbox, enabling Selecta’s teams to address local market content needs, quickly and efficiently. 

As Selecta has acquired several businesses over the past few years, a CMS platform that could scale to meet the demands of a growing business and smooth their path towards a more centralised approach, was highly desirable.

The Solution


Empowering users to handle multi-language content easily

Selecta chose Magnolia CMS to manage its corporate website and each of the country-specific sites. Many of the sites are multilingual and managed by a variety of team sizes with different skill levels. Because of variations in the markets where Selecta operates, the sites needed to be flexible enough to remain sensitive to local customer needs.

Effectively, the group needed to provide a suite of tools that would enable local teams to manage their web presence and communication with their current and prospective customers. These tools needed to balance a degree of consolidation so that the IT department could manage systems through a centralised process (eg. through the use of a Microsoft Dynamics CRM), while allowing local teams to tailor to market opportunities in their own way within the ecosystem provided.


A highly integrated platform

Magnolia has been integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and ClickDimensions, allowing. Selecta to centrally track the submission of contact forms and maintain a high level of customer engagement. 

In selected markets, Selecta uses Bynder for their Digital Asset Management, soon to be integrated within Magnolia CMS.

 Magnolia CMS has also been integrated with online chat systems used by two Selecta markets and with Google Analytics. Various custom integrations have been performed to efficiently track, triage and route inbound communications via the websites using Google’s suite of analytics tools.

The Result


An easy-to-use and centralised solution

Magnolia offers Selecta a central point for the management of several marketing and customer-related aspects. By having common tools, Selecta has a single language around the business, allowing teams to work together more effectively.

Any additional functionality needed can be shared for the benefit of other teams, thus democratising future developments and ensuring that these developments are the amalgam of innovative ideas from people all around the business – with Magnolia providing Selecta with the platform to implement those innovative ideas. As Selecta's digital capabilities evolve, it has become clear that Magnolia is a platform that can adapt to meet those growing needs.

Any business the size of Selecta has to consider factors such as security, resilience and extensibility. With a system that is built on trusted, industrial-strength technologies like Magnolia, there is considerable reassurance that the business is covered. Following on from this, a highly reliable platform which has exceptional uptime helps to protect Selecta’s reputation. It simply doesn’t go down, and with the clustering capabilities, its technology partners can perform updates without affecting the service.  Finally, a platform that can grow with the business and adapt to new integrations, new teams and, new sites with varying requirements aligns closely with Selecta’s own agility as a business.

Whether you plan to replace your ecommerce CMS or compose your own ecommerce platform - Magnolia’s got you covered.

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