New platform impresses with the latest web technologies and a modern responsive design

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New platform impresses with the latest web technologies and a modern responsive design

Together with Magnolia, the digital agency Neoskop designed a service platform for Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH based on the very latest technology and a strictly user-centric approach.

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The German Lottery and Pools Association (DLTB) is the collective of independent lottery companies in the 16 German federal states. The state lottery companies operate the state gambling offerings nationwide according to common principles and consider themselves to be reliable, responsible providers of state-approved lotteries and betting. The website went online for the first time in 2012 and was operated by Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen GmbH on behalf of all companies.

The relaunch of the website aimed not only to strengthen the distributor position, but also to employ a clear design language to highlight the diversity of consisting of the lotteries LOTTO 6aus49, Eurojackpot, GlücksSpirale and KENO and present them as separate brands. 


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The Challenge

Meeting the users' needs

More and more people access websites from their smartphone and this trend show no sign of stopping. In case of, over 50% of its users access the site from a mobile device. had already taken this into account, but the operation of two separate websites (one for mobile devices and one for desktop PCs) had the disadvantage of doubled administration efforts and differing content.

The fundamental goal of the relaunch was to design an innovative, user-centric and fully responsive website based on the latest web technology. Additionally, a redesign was requested to clearly communicate the individual lotteries as independent brands under the originator and seperate them from each other. New customer acquisition via SEO also needed to be taken into account.

The Solution


A perfect brand experience through a mobile-first strategy

In order to guarantee a consistently exciting gaming experience on all devices, opted for a mobile-first approach during implementation and the first draft of the design concept was for mobile devices. The website was then adapted for desktop and tablet variants in the second phase.

The implementation employed the innovative Hybrid Headless approach from Magnolia, which optimally combines the benefits of Headless CMS with those of conventional CMS technology. Cleanly structured content is created in the familiar WYSIWYG environment, while content administration and the delivery layer are consistently separated.

This approach gave greater flexibility in terms of presentation on different devices and better performance, while taking into account the needs of the editors. In terms of technology, the new REST-API from the Magnolia CMS was used, which was developed specifically for use as a Headless CMS. 

An app to win with

Most customers play LOTTO regularly and use their smartphones to visit the website. That is why it’s important to remain present for the user, connect with them and guarantee a smooth gaming experience.

For this reason, the website was also developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Magnolia. It can be saved directly on a device's home screen by using the website URL. This takes up minimal memory storage and ensures a short loading time.

The Result


An innovative website solution in no time

After just a few months, the new website went online as an innovative, fully responsive CMS solution with a Hybrid Headless approach. And the technical infrastructure is just as innovative: it is based on the Docker container solution and the Kubernetes container management system.

Thanks to a new design concept, the individual lotteries are now perceived as standalone brands. A progressive SEO design completes the site relaunch.

For the relaunch of, we wanted to set new visual and technical standards. is now using the very latest web technology and possibly offers its users the most innovative digital gambling experience currently available.
Sven Osthoff

Sven Osthoff

Managing Director of LOTTO Niedersachsen

In implementing the dynamic website, which first and foremost needed to be practicable for mobile devices, we opted for the innovative Hybrid Headless approach from Magnolia. Quite simply because it is flexible, scalable and state of the art.
Maik Jablonski

Maik Jablonski

Managing Director of Neoskop GmbH


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