Do your workers need enterprise apps?

Published on August 31, 2015 by Boris Kraft

If you’ve got workers out in the field who need to be able to access and input data regularly, then you’ll know why mobile content management is such a big deal.

From forestry and disaster relief to medicine, social work and local government, employees need to have data at their fingertips.

Traditionally, when you think content management, you think desktops. But when you need to assess the right response to a humanitarian crisis or whether to diagnose a patient for leprosy, the speed and mobility of mobile content management can’t be beaten.

And of course that’s before you even start talking about sales representatives and logistics workers, who need to be able to easily and quickly access and input information if they want to do their jobs competitively.


Apps are leading the way

Managing content on phones and tablets allows users to work anywhere any time. However, with the limited screen size available to users, ease of use has become one of the key ‘make or break’ factors for using content management systems on mobile. This is where apps have seen a meteoric rise. If you want to make it easier for your employees to access company processes on the move, then you need to develop enterprise apps.

You’ll be in good company, as organizations around the world gear up to create mobile solutions for employees and members. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is at the forefront of this movement, with a guidance app that provides over 1,500 healthcare workers in remote areas with easy access to treatment information.

Similarly, there has been a proliferation of apps enabling forest workers to manage and conserve forests. Another area of rapid growth is local government. The  USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service has been quick to see the benefits of tablets and web-based apps. More than 3,000 field surveyors use a mobile app to carry out over 300 surveys a year to collect information from farmers on crop production.


So should you be developing apps?

If you have field workers who need to access and input data on the move, then yes, you need to have at least one app that enables them to manage the key functions they need.

You need to bring end users on board early on in the development process, and you need to ensure that the platform you use gives them access to the most relevant information so that they can easily create, use and share the content needed in their jobs every day.

I’ve written a full article about content management on the move on CMSWire. You’ll find more information about the amazing way that apps have transformed the way people work out in the field.


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