React London 2017


March 28, 2017
QEII Centre, Westminster
London, UK


Find out why Magnolia is the coolest CMS that's light, easy and fun to work with for React developers.


Join Magnolia at React 2017

Calling adventurous and forward-looking front-end developers: visit the Magnolia booth at React 2017. Learn about how Magnolia is THE open-source enterprise CMS for front-end developers. 

Come by for demos on how Magnolia's light development features let web developers work faster and create sites in shorter times and at lower cost. Content manage your React app. Be productive with an instant content UX for your projects.

Read one developer's story on how you can speed up your light module development dramatically.

Five times faster than before

Whether it’s a new microsite or a complex multi-everything project, delivery time matters. Light Development is a new development approach for Magnolia that builds on modern front-end development tools and methods. Many common development tasks – both front-end and back-end - become extremely fast and easy.

Developers are amazed at how quickly they can complete many common development tasks with Light Development. Creating modules, dialog definitions, templates and much more all become quick and easy.

How light development helps marketers and developers


How you can create websites at the speed of light

It’s an ongoing battle that marketing and web teams at large businesses have to deal with. You are expected to launch new sites in weeks. Here's how Magnolia's light development features make it happen.


Life of a Magnolian Cotooler

In this blog post Linda Diep of Comerge demonstrates how you can speed up your light module development dramatically with the help of cotoolz for Magnolia: the IDE for Magnolia.


Great team collaboration with Light Development

Magnolia recently conducted a series of interviews with its partners, asking them about their development experiences. One thing that came up was the importance of parallelizing the work on a project.

About React London

React London 2017 is a brand new conference for the React community in London. The conference is run by Red Badger, the organisers of the React London meetups since early 2014. There is a substantial and engaged community of React developers in London. On last count, the React London meetup group had over 2900 members.

React London 2017 will provide an opportunity to bring together a large group of these developers plus their peers from Europe and beyond to share ideas, network and learn from each other. 700+ developers from around the world with a passion for React and the related tech stack; GraphQL, Redux, Relay, React Native. If you are looking to meet developers with Javascript at their core this is the event to be at.

React is a new, open source javascript library. It’s allowing people to do new things in new ways.

How to get there

React London, March 28, 2017

QEII Centre
Broad Sanctuary
London, SW1P 3EE

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