Internet Retailing EXPO

NEC, Birmingham, UK
5-6 April 2017

Visit us at stand D60 for a demo of Magnolia's
web content management system


Join Magnolia at the UK's largest
multichannel retail event

Magnolia's web content management system integrates with a wide range of e-commerce, analytics and personalization tools that will help you drive sales on your site. Magnolia's rich personalization capabilities allow you to offer relevant content to users. The rewards are significant: personalized content has been shown to raise conversions by up to 300%.

Visit Magnolia and commercetools on stand D60 to find out why leading brands such as Tesco and MOO chose Magnolia to power their digital business.


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Join the Magnolia omnichannel talk

Real Omnichannel 

During intensive interviews about omnichannel, Magnolia looked its customers deep in their eyes and asked: What does omnichannel really mean to you? How real is it? What’s hype and what’s actually being done? How does orchestrated communication across channels work in real-life? All those conversations with our customers led to unique insights into the daily battles of omnichannel practitioners, planners and dreamers. This workshop will explore the ways businesses like MOO and Tesco create omnichannel experiences, show real examples of how it’s done—and dig into what is still ahead for all of us.

TIME: 11:30 12:00


Rasmus Skjoldan,
Lead Product Manager,

Join the Magnolia/commercetools omnichannel talk

How do you transform Europes largest bicycle cooperative into an online retailer?

The company: ZEG connects 1,000 owner managed bicycle dealers, selling well known bicycle brands such as Specialized, BULLS or Pegasus.

The challenge: Responding to changing customer buying behaviour and the continuing success of online pure play brands like Canyon or Radon, the company wanted to build an adaptable, future proof omnichannel commerce solution. Primary goal was to provide their dealer network a fully managed, flexible online sales platform to create inspiring brand shops within the matter of days rather than weeks or even months.

The solution: In this workshop, you learn how ZEG mastered the challenges of integrating heterogeneous online sales infrastructure and multiple SKU data across various systems, into a future proof, flexible online commerce solution for their dealer network. The solution is based on the Magnolia CMS and the cloud-native, microservices based commercetools commerce platform.


TIME: 11:30 12:00


Martin Möllmann,
Senior Sales Consultant,
commercetools GmbH

How Magnolia empowers online retail and e-commerce


Integrate with e-commerce

If you already work with existing e-commerce systems such as Hybris, Magento and commercetools, it’s easy to integrate these with Magnolia to create content that attracts customers.


Connect with other systems

Magnolia’s open architecture gives you the flexibility to integrate with CRM, ERP, PIM and other back-end systems to ensure that your entire business processes are as simple and painless as possible.


Update retail offers quickly

You need to add and update your offers regularly. With Magnolia, editors can easily create new offers and collaborate on and publish them without any developer help.



Create personalized experiences

Personalization features allow you to change pages or parts of pages to target customers based on preferences or purchase history. You don’t have to create more content, but can use content better. 

In partnership with commercetools

Magnolia's commercetools connector allows users to connect a commercetools project to Magnolia.

commercetools revolutionizes the enterprise e-commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution that reduces complexity and increases both flexibility and speed for omnichannel brands and retailers.

Leading UK retail and consumer brands working with Magnolia

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