Magnolia DevDays 2021
Virtual Developer Conference

19-20 May 2021


Why attend?

The DevDays bring together Magnolia developers from all over Europe to share use cases and inspiring ideas with each other, and to learn about what’s new from Magnolia’s product team.

Be part of this community of front-end, back-end, full-stack, and integration developers who build continuously evolving digital experiences with Magnolia.

Join general sessions on the main stage or dedicated sessions in our front-end and back-end tracks.

Hear from influential brands such as TESCO, Union Investment, British Car Auctions (BCA), Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Holland & Barrett and Thomas Cook.

Peer Learning

Magnolia customers and partners present how they’ve developed innovative features and experiences on Magnolia.

Product News

Our product team shares the latest and greatest product updates and roadmap items to look forward to.


Small group conversations take place with our speakers of the day and on roundtables discussing relevant topics.


13:00 (CEST)


  • Jan Haderka CTO, Magnolia

Keynote - From Open Source Project to Frontend Platform - Connecting eCommerce Platforms & CMSs

  • Patrick Friday CEO & Co-Founder at Vue Storefront

Speed Matters: What’s New and What’s Next at Magnolia

We live in a world where speed matters more than ever. Learn from our Head of Product what our team has been working on to help you deliver engaging digital experiences lighting fast.
  • Miro Remias Head of Product, Magnolia
14:00 (CEST) - Networking Break

Front-End Stage

Back-End Stage

14:15 (CEST)

Agile Development Leveraging Magnolia Light Development

Learn how Tesco used Magnolia Light Development to help drive changes to App modules and how it decouples from back end changes.
  • Siddhartha Shankar Roy (Sid) Head of Software Development, TESCO

Up-To-Date Test Environments, Fast Deployments and Secure Operation in the Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Holger Borberg Technical Project Manager E-Commerce, ZEG
  • Christian Menzel Magnolia CMS Consultant,
14:35 (CEST)

Magnolia Headless with NextJS in Kubernetes for BVG

  • Martin Mörner Technical-Lead Systemsengineering, IBM IX/Aperto
  • Sebastian Bauch Java Software Developer, IBM IX/Aperto

Magnolia supporting digital transformation into public cloud

Insights to BCA, their digital transformation and architectural ambition. Sharing the technical journey of hosting Magnolia in Azure – the experience, the lessons learned, the challenges, their views on best in class and future plans.
  • Nathaniel Gale Head of Application Development, British Car Auctions (BCA)
  • Darko Krizic CTO, Prodyna
14:55 (CEST)

Decoupling Frontend and Backend with Web Components

  • Christopher Chard Magnolia Development Lead, Union Investment
  • Marc Emmanuel Senior Solution Architect, Virtual Identity

Essentra's Journey to Digital Transformation Success with Magnolia

  • Basheer Shahul Chief Architect at Essentra
15:15 (CEST) - Networking Break

Front-End Stage

Back-End Stage

15:30 (CEST)

Building Headless Experiences at Speed with GraphQL

Master content delivery with GraphQL and learn a few handy tricks to build engaging apps.
  • Scot Rhodes Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia

Creating Low-Code Custom Integrations Fast

Use Magnolia’s integration framework to connect to any external system for a fantastic authoring and customer experience.
  • Tobias Kerschbaum Solution Architect, Magnolia
15:50 (CEST)

Framework-Agnostic Front-End Development

Learn how to speed up your headless development using one design system, one workflow, and fully-customizable web components.
  • Jan Schulte Head of Group Consulting, Magnolia

Building Java Integrations using Magnolia’s Integration Framework

  • Leah Staniorski Solution Architect, Magnolia
16:10 (CEST) - Networking Break

Lightning Talks

Bigger, Better, Magnolia Module

  • Marvin Kerkhoff Developer/Consultant, Arvato Systems

Elastic / Visuals / Audit Logging

  • Chris Jennings Senior Solutions Architect, Magnolia

Implementing an Advanced Content Pool for Semi-Structured Content

  • Martijn Kooijman Software Developer, Lemonize GmbH

Magnolia & Gatsby

Benefits of using Magnolia headless CMS with a static site generator.
  • Steve Hartley React and Magnolia Developer at Holland & Barrett

Magnolia Power Boost

  • Dr. Thomas Walter Head of CX Platform Solutions, Merkle DACH

Integration with third party app and CI/CD automation

Using micro frontend with Magnolia
  • Anton Tymchuk Front-end lead, Thomas Cook

Deploying Magnolia with Gitlab pipelines: The Good, the Bad and the JVM

  • Pascal Zingg DevOps, fastforward websolutions

Content Synchronization from Global to Local

How to manage global content translations used for localized markets and further sending updates. It is very important for the global content team to send the updated content to the localized markets and in that process, they do not want to overwrite the localized (changed) content for markets. Managing this content synchronization is very important. This also lays the foundation for understanding content reusability.
  • Abhishek Kumar DXP Architect, 4atoms

Taming Core Web Vitals with Magnolia Asset APIs

Google's Page Experience update aims to bring forward websites with a superior user experience, for the benefit of end-users. If your website isn't performing on these metrics expect to take a back seat in SEO rankings this summer. In this talk, Simon Gibbs will explain how MOO used Magnolia Asset APIs to manage image size, loading times and visual stability to keep them in the lead.
  • Simon Gibbs Team Lead, MOO

Implement an Archival & Deletion Process for Old Content

As part of a long-running implementation, content can start to clutter the environments. The way the Sainsburys’ implementation works means that series of templates are used to create schedulable content for each of the content apps and workspaces. To overcome this problem we designed a way for users to archive content manually as well as jobs that will do that periodically.
  • Alex Theys Lead Architect. Sainsbury's

Live Q&A

Hosted by Christopher Zimmerman, Product Manager, Magnolia
  • Miro Remias Head of Product, Magnolia
  • Jan Haderka CTO, Magnolia
  • Jan Schulte Head of Group Consulting, Magnolia
  • Bartosz Staryga Front-End Solution Architect & Headless Expert, Magnolia
17:40 (CEST)

Summary & Final Words

  • Sebastian Stang General Manager EMEA, Magnolia

Topic Tables

17:45 (CEST)


  • Bartosz Staryga Front-End Solution Architect & Headless Expert, Magnolia

Containerization & Deployment

  • Andrew Warinner Senior Solution Architect, Magnolia


  • Ilgün Ilgün Engineering Manager, Magnolia
18:15 (CEST)


Stay with us for a surprising (and fun) activity! Don't miss the chance to win cool prizes and measure your knowledge about Magnolia within our community.
09:00 - 16:00 CEST

Magnolia Headless Training (fully booked)

Front-end developers or Magnolia template developers will learn how to build a simple React or Angular site as a Magnolia template and create multiple REST endpoints to serve content from Magnolia.
  • Bartosz Staryga Front-End Solution Architect, Magnolia

Featured Speakers

Patrick Friday

CEO & Co-founder of Vue Storefront

Patrick has 10 years of experience in B2B Sales & Marketing. Since 2012, he worked mainly with iOS/Android apps, starting at Vivino, and then other startups & agencies in the eCommerce industry. As Patrick was both on the product & agency side, he has a good understanding of what it takes to build amazing products, but also he manages the development of them.

After seeing great developments on the Web and gaps in the market for great eCommerce frontend frameworks, he started Vue Storefront with Filip Rakowski in 2017.

Chris Chard

Magnolia Development Lead, Union Investment

Chris has been creating concepts for Magnolia components, templates and apps since 2014 and version 4.5. He thrives at the intersection between business requirements and technical implementation.

Since 2019, he has journeyed into the world of Magnolia development.
Currently, he oversees the migration and overhaul of Union Investments web presences.
His passion is creating great experiences for editors and users based on a state-of-the-art content platform.

Siddhartha Shankar Roy (Sid)

Head of Software Development, Tesco

Sid had played various roles in his career as a Developer, Technical Lead, Manager and leader at diverse organizations globally. At Tesco he is part of the Online group and he heads the Engineering for Digital Content Platform, Clubcard Boost and also International Grocery Home Shopping API’s. In the past, he played different roles as Program Manager, Lead Program Manager, Head of Engineering and Technology and lead notable projects in Grocery Ecommerce at Tesco.

"Message to budding Engineers - Keep it simple AND beauty in creation."