Senior Java Developer
Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam


Job description

Our team members in Vietnam reflect the character of our CMS through a flexible, friendly, and open culture that is both inspiring, fun, and filled with challenges.
You will work as a Senior Java Developer on web-based application projects in Java-related and open-source technologies.

What you will do

  • Analyze system requirements
  • Participate in system design and implementation
  • Perform as a key member in technical problem resolution on projects under experienced team leaders
  • Be able to act as a team leader, managing a small number of developers on specific projects.

What you bring in

  • Education: Bachelor of IT or equivalent
  • Communication skills: Intermediate-level English (good in all areas, especially writing and speaking)
  • Strong knowledge in Java Web & Enterprise (EE) technologies, system design, technical troubleshooting, and problem-solving
  • Servlet API, JAX-RS (REST), JSON-P; Apache Tomcat, JBoss AS/Wildfly, etc.
  • Java SE 8 (lambdas, streams, interface evolution), APT, Lombok, Groovy, JUnit 4 and 5, Mockito, Hamcrest matchers
  • Experienced in IoC (Spring Framework or Google Guice) and service design Templating (Freemarker, Handlebars, Velocity)
  • Rapid application & UI development frameworks (Vaadin, SpringBoot), Sass, JavaScript
  • Strong in database design and programming (MySQL, H2), as a plus, JCR 2.0 (Java Content Repository), Jackrabbit, Lucene
  • Experience with Maven, Git, CI/CD, Jenkins Pipelines, Docker, Selenium
  • Knowledge of cloud-based development is a plus
  • Experienced in open-source solutions such as CMS, CRM, E-commerce, Portal, and social networks is a plus
  • Solid soft skills: group discussion leading, teamwork, problem-solving, presentations
  • Must be independent, responsible, and self-motivated with the ability to learn and achieve superior results
  • Possessing strong methodologies when researching new technologies

What we offer you

  • 13th-month salary, 1-month bonus in 3rd year, 2 months bonus in 5th year and day-off
  • Private health care program for you and your family members
  • English training with a native English teacher
  • Potential opportunities for exchange program to Europe as 2 off-weeks
  • Telecommuting if needed
  • Whoopie Fridays where people can meet, chat, and exchange knowledge
  • A refrigerator fully stocked with snacks, fruit, and beer 
  • Monthly team building activities, outings, and luncheon meetings for knowledge sharing
  • Stylish office, equipped with a 15” Macbook Pro and 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display for each  employee

About Magnolia

Magnolia International Ltd.  is a privately held company, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. The company has offices around the globe, and customers in over 100 countries.

Magnolia Vietnam adventure started on August 1, 2014 with a small group of staffs. Two years later, we have a full-stack office of more than 20 members involved in Product Development, Support & Services, Consulting, Training and become The Hub of Asia APAC.

At Magnolia, we are passionate about working with great people and having amazing time building long-term, holistic solutions to help our clients to achieve their goals. We are all driven by the desire of getting the best out of Magnolia, which is reflected in our core values.