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Our product helps our customers create connections with their customers. And our culture helps us create connections with one another. It works because we believe in our people, we celebrate our diversity, and we cherish the act of building lasting relationships.

What you can expect


We know you have a life outside work so we make it easy to find a balance. That includes the option to work from anywhere, a flexible work schedule, and at least 20 days of annual leave – no matter where you are.


We believe that every Magnolian is an entrepreneur. In return, every Magnolian gets autonomy and the authority to do whatever it takes to get results. 


We believe in you and your abilities so go ahead and create your own enterprise within the organisation. As long as you take responsibility, and aren’t afraid of falling and getting back up again, you’ll have the freedom you need to make your mark.

Health and Wellbeing

We want you to feel motivated and safe at work. We help through contributions to your health plan where needed, by providing healthy snacks, exercise programs, and plenty of opportunities for get-togethers.

Growth Opportunities

Your professional and personal development matters. Let us know if you’re thinking of switching from engineering to automation, or sales to customer service, or you’d like to relocate to one of our seven offices worldwide and we’ll do our best to make it happen. 


Every one of us is deeply committed to doing the best work possible to achieve the best result. Excellence doesn’t just describe our product and our code - it encapsulates our approach to our customers and one another. 


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We’re always on the lookout for skilled people with an open mind. If you don’t see a relevant job opening, please do drop us a line by clicking the link below - we’d love to talk to you.

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About Magnolia

Magnolia started small, driven by two innovators who wanted to build a flexible and powerful CMS. Over the years, we've extended this vision to make life easier for our customers and partners - to understand your DX challenges and to ensure that each deployment of the platform is truly tailored to what you want.