Magnolia CMS Enterprise Edition

Magnolia's Enterprise Edition content management system is the best choice to build mission-critical sites.

Its easy-to-use authoring interface makes complex websites simple to manage, while its flexible software architecture makes it possible to implement custom functionality. It allows the author to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website and includes professional support available when needed. Magnolia Enterprise Edition increases the value of enterprise web initiatives and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Enterprise Benefits

In addition to the general benefits of using Magnolia, Magnolia Enterprise Edition provides the mission-critical benefits requested by large organizations:

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Magnolia Enterprise Edition is based on an Open Source business model that minimizes sales efforts and costs without sacrificing quality and reliability where it matters. A shortened sales cycle allows the allocation of more resources for engineering. See Pricing of Magnolia Enterprise Edition.

Unlimited support - Magnolia Enterprise Edition is professionally supported by Magnolia International Ltd., the creator of Magnolia. We will make sure that installations of Magnolia Enterprise Edition are set up and configured professionally. Once in production, we stand by and help you should any issues arise to ensure a high availability website. 

Product liability and guarantees - Magnolia Enterprise Edition is a commercial product that comes with product liability protection and certain rights as well as guarantees for our valued customers. This contrasts sharply with the Magnolia Community Edition, which we provide as a community supported project and not a product. As such, it does not include any consumer rights protection, no guarantees and no liability by the vendor.

Indemnification - If any source code is found in court to be in violation of a third-party copyright, Magnolia International Ltd. will replace the respective code at no cost for its customers.

Certified stack - We test combinations of hardware and software and guarantee that Magnolia Enterprise Edition works smoothly on such certified systems.

Migration path - We guarantee that your data can be migrated between the releases of Magnolia Enterprise Edition and provide migration tools to do so.

Permissive licensing - Magnolia Enterprise Edition is licensed through the Magnolia Network Agreement (MNA), a flexible license that grants businesses access to the source code and waives certain restrictive license requirements attached to the GPL'ed Magnolia Community Edition.

Enterprise Features

In addition to the general features of Magnolia, Magnolia Enterprise Edition ships with additional functionality that is highly valuable to businesses and power users:

Multisite support - Magnolia can manage multiple sites within a single installation. Sites can be completely independent or share content, templates or any other data between each other, depending on your needs.

Personalization - Adapt content to visitors according to their preferences, needs and behavior by leveraging customer data. With personalization, your visitors will only see relevant content, raising engagement and conversion.

Marketing Tag Management - Control all your website marketing tags from a single console. Use the integrated tag repository to update thousands of pages with a single click.

Workflow - Magnolia has integrated a JBPM workflow engine, which allows for extensive customization of workflows and the integration of Magnolia as part of a business process managed architecture.

Transactional activation – This Enterprise-only feature ensures that activated content is either published in its entirety to all Magnolia instances in a staging environment, or - if anything goes wrong - no changes are performed at all. This feature ensures the integrity of the published content.

Advanced cache strategies - The caching API allows for highly customizable caching strategies. Magnolia Enterprise Edition comes with a set of default strategies that provide superior caching behavior.

Scheduled backups – Configure time-based backups and define if version information should be exported as well (see below). Backups can also be achieved through the package manager or by using the CRX content repository.

Version export / import – Allows  the user to backup all content including revisions, and import the version information as needed. This tool makes it possible to migrate all information from one system to another, for instance to change the underlying repository or database without losing version information.

LDAP/ADS Directory functionality - Magnolia Enterprise Edition makes it easy to deploy Magnolia in large scale intranet environments where an enterprise-grade user management infrastructure already exists. It implements the JAAS standard to meet single sign-on requirements or to connect to legacy directory servers.

Deployment management - The package manager included in Magnolia Enterprise Edition enables developers to have full control of installing updates, adding new functionality and custom backups. By creating and managing standardized Magnolia packages, they can deploy changes to Magnolia instances without risk even in multi-staging scenarios.